Creating strategies built on the details of your current business and future growth goals.
corporate finance service

Innovative financing vehicles are being created on a weekly basis by investment and commercial banking houses. Large corporations can afford to maintain corporate finance. Smaller companies may assign this to their commercial or investment banker.

A better option is contracting an independent financial advisor that can provide a proposed financial strategy, which includes:

  • Reviewing the overall business strategy with the management team
  • Preparing and review cash flow and financial projections
  • Designing the financial plan
  • Presenting the financial plan to selected financial institutions
  • Negotiating with the financial institution on behalf of the company
  • Closing the transaction

As independent financial advisors with 30+ years of experience, GBFA can provide your business with a financial plan based on your unique business objectives.

Success or failure in achieving proper financing hinges on presentation. Experience in financial presentations and negotiations is the extra edge that can ensure your success.

Global Business Financial Advisors are leaders in conventional and innovative financing methods aimed to minimize the cost of capital to the organization, maintain operation flexibility, adapt the debt amortization schedule to cash flows and maximize working capital.

Conventional financing can be described as lines of credit, revolving term loans, letters of credit, mortgaging and other forms of asset-based lending. These may be available to established businesses through commercial banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Startups may be required to utilize venture capital resources for their funding.

No matter what stage your business is in, successfully closing financing requires:

  • Selecting the appropriate financing strategy
  • Preparing the financing proposal
  • Selecting the financial institutions most suitable for the proposal
  • Making a persuasive presentation

Global Business Financial Advisors’ experience with financing strategy is your key resource to identifying and achieving the financing needed to see your business take the next step forward.

Cash flow forecasting models are critical to a financial modeling system. It provides a basis for future plans and capital budgeting. Canned systems do not account for foreign operations or critical legal and tax aspects.

Global Business Financial Advisors considers these unique aspects of a business, both current and forecasted activities to design a global financial forecasting system:

  • Analyzing current global reporting and forecasting systems
  • Identifying key global business variables
  • Designing cash flow forecasting model
  • Interfacing the proposed strategies
  • Testing and review
  • Preparing report format for key management personnel
  • Implementing system
  • Post-implementation review

This approach by Global Business Financial Advisors allows for a customized financial forecasting model that takes into consideration each aspect of your business.

The process of global business planning occurs when the company realizes there is profit potential for their goods or services in the global market or when a customer requests the company expand their facilities to foreign lands. Many begin entry to their foreign activities via brokers or representative offices. While this may be an easy initial entry, the Global Business Plan must consider the future growth and development of this entry.

A comprehensive global expansion plan provides the company with the capacity for assessing the current strengths and weaknesses of its organizational resources and industry environment and for the future.

Next, a method of competition is chosen to enter the global business arena, optimize locations, government regulations, tax and transfer pricing policies of goods and services. This requires a coordinated effort with finance, legal, banking, human resources, tax, information technology and accounting services.

GBFA can coordinate the information from all of these areas to provide a customized business plan for the future of your business.